Benefits of Restorative Procedures

Life can take a toll on our smiles, leaving us in need of restorative work to repair the look and functionality of our teeth. Luckily, there are a variety of restorative dental treatments that can help your smile get back to looking and feeling its best. Read our blog post to learn more about the benefits of restorative dentistry!

Signs a Root Canal Is Needed

Root canal therapy sounds more intimidating than it actually is! In fact, root canals are a relatively common procedure that can save the health of a natural tooth. There are many signs that may point to the fact that you need root canal therapy. Read our blog post to learn more about this treatment and what signs may indicate it’s necessary.

Root Canal Myths Debunked

If you’ve ever had a root canal, you know by now that there’s nothing to be afraid of. But if you haven’t, you probably dread the thought. And that’s thanks to a few pesky myths that have long surrounded the root canal procedure. Check out our blog post where we take a closer look at these myths.

How Long Does a Dental Crown Last

When it comes to getting any kind of dental work done, it goes without saying that you want it to last as long as possible. Dental crowns may not be a permanent fix, but they are meant to last many years. Check out our blog post for everything you need to know about how long a dental crown lasts and what you can do to stretch out their lifespan.

How Are Dental Crowns Made?

Most people get dental crowns at some point in their lives. A crown is a cap that fits over a natural tooth. It restores the tooth’s full function, improves its appearance, and protects it. Read our blog post to find out when you should get a crown. You’ll also learn how dental crowns are made.

Veneers 101

Thinking of ways to beautify your smile? Veneers are a great customizable dental treatment for those who want to improve the way their teeth look. Check out our blog post for some of the basics about cosmetic dental veneers, including how they work and what they can do for you, so you can decide if they may be the right choice for achieving your smile goals!

Why Replacing Lost Teeth Is Important

When you were a kid, losing your teeth was exciting. Not only did it feel fun getting older, but you also knew you’d be getting adult teeth to replace them. Plus, the tooth fairy would pay you a visit that night. Unfortunately, when you lose an adult tooth, not only does the tooth fairy not … Continued