Quality Dental Care in Tyler, TX

Your smile plays a huge role in your appearance — and your health. It helps you make first impressions, and it directly affects your overall wellness. At our dental office, we think you deserve the benefits of an attractive, healthy smile and that’s exactly what we can help you get.

You can think of us as your go-to for everything dental-related. If you just need your standard check-up, we have you covered. If you need something a little more to get your teeth and gums back to peak condition, we’d love to help. At the end of the day, we’re looking for what treatment will give you the best outcome for your smile.

How often do you need to see the dentist?

It’s recommended that routine checkups happen every six months to help prevent cavities and other dental problems. However, there are certain factors that may require you to see the dentist more frequently such as certain medical conditions such as periodontal disease. Dr. Ashley Laird and our expert dental team will help assess how often you will need to see the dentist to maintain a healthy smile!

Why does the dentist take X-rays?

Many diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues cannot be seen when the dentist examines the mouth with the naked eye. An X-ray can help reveal small areas of decay, bone infections, gum disease, abscesses, cysts, developmental abnormalities, and some types of tumors. At Ashley Laird, DDS, it’s our goal to help catch and treat dental problems early on so we can save you time, money, and unnecessary discomfort. Feel free to call us with any additional questions you may have about dental X-rays!

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Routine Dental Care

Just because you haven’t noticed any issues doesn’t mean you should stop seeing the dentist! It’s actually important to keep coming in for regular check-ups so things stay that way. With routine preventive dental care, we can keep problems at bay so you can steer clear of major issues. Don’t forget to come see us every six months!

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Restorative Dental Care

It’s normal to experience some dental issues in your lifetime, whether that’s a chipped tooth, a cavity, or missing teeth. If you have some sort of oral health concern, restorative dental care could be just the answer to your problems. Dr. Ashley Laird can create a plan of action that’ll leave you with a restored smile.

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Cosmetic Dental Care

Not everyone is blessed with perfectly straight pearly whites, and that’s where cosmetic dental care comes in. If you spend time worrying about your teeth’s imperfections, consider making over your smile with one of our cosmetic treatments. Whether you just want a boost in brightness or to reshape your teeth entirely, that dream smile can become a reality.