Oral Cancer Screenings in Tyler, TX

Routine dental cleanings and exams are important for detecting things like cavities and gingivitis, but did you know that your dentist is checking for oral cancer as well? Oral cancer isn’t something that many people want to think about, but it’s important to schedule regular dental appointments to ensure that your teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth are all healthy. To learn more or schedule your next appointment with us, please give our office a call or send us a message, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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What are the symptoms of oral cancer?

Oral cancer cannot always be detected by patients on their own, which is why regular dental visits are important for diagnosing and treating oral cancer in its earliest stages when it’s highly curable. Some signs that can indicate that oral cancer may be present include:

  • Pain in the face, mouth, or ear
  • An unusual lump in the cheek or neck
  • A persistent sore throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Change in the color of gums, tongue, or mouth
  • Enlarged neck lymph nodes

Who is at risk for developing oral cancer?

There are a few things that can increase a patient’s risk for developing oral cancer. Men are twice as likely to develop oral cancer than women, and it is more common in older adults who are 50 and over. Other factors that can increase a patient’s risk for developing oral cancer are regular tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and sun exposure. Genetic factors and poor nutrition and oral hygiene can also increase a patient’s risk. While there is no way to prevent oral cancer entirely, you can lower your risk by making healthy lifestyle choices.

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