What Kind of Gum Is Good for My Teeth?

It’s so easy to reach for a stick of minty flavored gum in case bad breath strikes. It probably never even crosses our minds that gum that’s made to freshen up your breath could possibly be bad for you. Read our blog post to find out what you should be looking for the next time you buy gum.

The Link Between Oral Health & Acne

Check out our blog post to discover how poor oral health can negatively affect your skin. Superb oral hygiene promotes healthy teeth and healthy skin. Contact our friendly office to schedule your next dental cleaning!

What Is Dry Mouth?

If you’re struggling with chronic mouth dryness, read our blog post to learn about xerostomia, or “dry mouth”. We talk about its symptoms, causes, and possible treatments. Our team can help you find a solution for your oral discomfort. Contact our expert dental practice to schedule your appointment!