The Link Between Oral Health & Acne

Side view of blonde woman looking off anxiously with half her face hidden by her hair because she is worried about acne

When you think about what might be causing your acne, you probably think about what you eat, the medications you’re taking, how stressed you are, and your environment. Although these may be some of the most common causes of acne, you should also consider your oral health! Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between your oral hygiene and your acne.

High Levels of Propionibacterium

You probably haven’t heard of this before, but propionibacterium is a common type of bacteria that is most often found in acne spots. Interestingly, it’s also found in parts of the throat and mouth. When you have an infection in your mouth, your propionibacterium levels increase, which leads to an inflammation of the skin, which can cause acne. If you’re experiencing a bad breakout alongside a dental health issue, it could be due to an increase in propionibacterium and you should discuss this with your dentist and dermatologist.

Toothpaste Residue

It may seem strange to consider, but your toothpaste could be causing your acne! You should always wash your face after you brush your teeth because some ingredients in toothpaste cause dryness, burning, and irritation if left on the skin around your mouth. The bacteria from your mouth in the toothpaste that may have dribbled onto your chin while brushing your teeth can also adversely affect your skin. Furthermore, don’t use toothpaste as an acne spot treatment because it can over-exfoliate and irritate your skin.

Superb Oral Care Contributes to a Healthy Mouth & Body

Your teeth are the gateway to the rest of your body and what affects them can easily affect other areas of your body. Be sure to practice good oral hygiene to make sure you are the healthiest you can be. Contact us today to schedule your biannual dental cleaning and checkup with Dr. Laird!

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