Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity

young woman covers her mouth with both hands reacting to sensitive teeth

Do your teeth hurt when you drink hot or cold drinks? Does cold weather or certain foods make you recoil? If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is a common issue that affects many of our patients. There are a variety of treatments available – keep reading to learn which might be right for you!

Refine Your Brushing Technique

Sometimes folks believe that if they brush their teeth more vigorously, they’ll finish faster with a better clean. Unfortunately, that’s not the case! Vigorous tooth brushing can damage your enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity. It can also irritate your gums. If you’ve been experiencing teeth sensitivity, double-check your brushing technique to make sure you’re brushing gently with a soft-bristled brush for a full two minutes.

Use Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Another way to combat tooth sensitivity is to use a toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth. These special toothpastes contain minerals and fluoride to help rebuild and strengthen your tooth enamel.

Fluoride Treatments Can Help Ease Tooth Sensitivity

Fluoride treatments are another way to ease tooth sensitivity. Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel via a process called remineralization. Dr. Laird can apply a fluoride gel that can help your teeth get back to normal.

Other Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity

Depending on the cause of your tooth sensitivity, there are a number of other treatments that may fix the issue. For example, if your sensitivity is caused by grinding your teeth at night, a dental mouthguard may be the best treatment option. If your tooth sensitivity is caused by exposed roots, our team may use a filling to address the issue.

If tooth sensitivity is impacting your life, give us a call. Our team will work to discover the cause of your sensitivity and will choose the best treatment accordingly. To schedule your next visit or ask us any questions, call us today!

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