How to Prevent Cavities

young couple brushing their teeth together

Cavities are one of the most common dental health problems. They are also preventable with proper oral hygiene. Here are our top tips to prevent cavities.

Brush Your Teeth

You’ve probably heard this since you were a young child, but you need to brush your teeth. It’s one of the most simple and effective ways to prevent cavities because it removes bacteria from your teeth.

In an ideal world, you should brush your teeth after every meal. This isn’t always feasible, so try to brush your teeth twice a day – in the morning and the evening. Be sure to use fluoride toothpaste and replace your toothbrush every three months to ensure you are using firm bristles.

Floss Your Teeth

Cavities can occur between your teeth, which is why flossing is vital to prevent tooth decay. Brushing alone can only clean three sides of your teeth. Flossing will cover the other two sides.

Try flossing after every meal, but the minimum is once per day. Flossing takes a few minutes every day, and it can go a long way in preventing cavities.

Stay Away From Sugary Drinks & Food

Your diet is also an important part of a healthy mouth. We’re not saying you shouldn’t drink soda or eat another dessert again, but you should be mindful of what you are consuming.

Limit the exposure to sugary drinks to decrease your risk of getting cavities. If you are drinking soda, enjoy it! But try drinking it quickly so that your teeth don’t get exposed to sugar for hours. You may also want to drink water after consuming sugary drinks or food to try and rinse the sugar particles off from your teeth.

Get a Dental Exam & Cleaning

Going to the dentist every six months will help keep your teeth healthy. A dental exam can notice problems early and save you from expensive treatments further down the road.

Deep cleaning from a dentist will remove plaque build-up and keep your teeth shiny and healthy. Going to the dentist is an essential part of keeping your teeth healthy and preventing tooth decay.

Is It Time for a Check-Up?

If it’s been six months or more since your last dental check-up, schedule an appointment today. Our dental team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and have a great experience taking care of your teeth. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.

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