What Common Foods Can Damage Your Teeth?

Your diet has just as much of an impact on your dental health as it does your overall health. But did you know that some of the most commonly consumed foods are damaging for your teeth?

stacked sugar cubes bad for your teeth


Sugar is arguably the worst substance for your dental health. Sugar is not only the preferred food of plaque bacteria, but it also promotes acid production, which can erode your enamel. Anything that contains high amounts of sugar, like sticky, sweet candies, baked goods, sugary coffee drinks, and even dried fruit, is dangerous for your teeth.

Certain Beverages

Coffee, soda, sports drinks, and alcoholic beverages (especially cocktails, which usually contain sugar) are highly acidic, making them particularly damaging for your teeth.


Popcorn is a great snack, but its hard kernels can be damaging to teeth. You should also avoid popcorn if you have braces, since it’s prone to getting stuck in your teeth.


Even though citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits are full of good vitamins, they are all quite acidic so you should limit your exposure to them.


Crunching down on ice can be very damaging to your teeth, so skip out on the ice whenever you order a drink!

Potato Chips & Pretzels

These addicting, crunchy snacks are starchy and can get stuck in your teeth easily, which makes them a magnet for plaque bacteria, especially if you do not properly brush or floss after consuming them.

Foods That Are Good for Your Teeth

Now that you know what foods to avoid, which foods should you be eating more of? Crunchy fruits and vegetables, dairy, nuts, and dark, leafy greens are among the foods that you should up your intake of in order to strengthen and brighten your smile.

Brush, Floss & Visit Tyler Dentist Ashley Laird Regularly

Of course, maintaining a healthy diet is just one of the many ways that you can promote good oral health. It is also necessary to brush and floss twice a day and visit your dentist twice a year to ensure that you have a clean bill of oral health. Visit us at Ashley Laird, DDS for your oral healthcare needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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