5 Common Questions Dental Hygienist Hear

dental hygienist works on a female patient's teeth

Throughout their careers, dental hygienists see a lot of different mouths. They also hear a lot of different questions. In today’s post, we’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions that our dental hygienists, also with so many others, hear on a regular basis.

1. How Important Is Flossing, Really?

A lot of our patients like to ask if they can get away with not flossing their teeth on a regular basis. We know it’s an extra daily step that a lot of you don’t love, but it really is crucial to your long term dental health, and there’s really no arguing otherwise!

2. Are X-Rays Dangerous?

While X-Rays do emit low levels of radiation, they have been studied over and over, and modern technology has made today’s X-Rays incredibly safe. Not only that, but they give us invaluable information about your teeth that informs your care, allowing us to tailor your dental care to be as safe, effective, and efficient as possible.

3. Why Are My Teeth So Yellow?

Discoloration of the teeth is one of the biggest concerns among our patients, and we totally understand why! Discoloration happens over time as a result of a variety of factors including wear and tear, consumption of acidic foods and drinks, smoking, certain medications, and more. While there are plenty of solutions to discolored teeth available at your drugstore, the most reliable and effective way to target the issue is by investing in professional teeth whitening.

4. Why Does It Hurt When I Eat & Drink?

If you’re experiencing pain when you eat or drink, especially hot or cold foods and beverages, you’re probably dealing with sensitive teeth. It’s often a result of wear and tear to the tooth enamel, although you may have a chipped or broken tooth.

5. When Should I Come Back?

Assuming your check-up went well, you don’t have to come back to see us for another six months! Biannual visits are one of the most important aspects of a successful oral care routine.

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