How to Prevent Teeth Stains From Coffee

woman drinking a cup of coffee

Many of us rely on coffee to start our day on the right foot. However, coffee may not provide the same boost for your smile that it does the rest of your body. Over time, daily coffee intake can stain your teeth and leave you reluctant to show off your smile. To help counteract the effects of coffee on your teeth, we’ve put together these three tips on how to prevent teeth stains from coffee.

1. Add Some Milk to Your Coffee

If you’ve always taken your coffee black, it may be time to reconsider. Adding some milk to your coffee not only lightens the color, but can also provide some protection for your teeth. Some believe that animal milk (especially if high in fat) can keep the staining acids in coffee from binding to your teeth.

2. Adjust How You Drink Your Coffee

The way you drink your coffee also plays a role in how likely it is to stain your teeth. To avoid or reduce stains, you should limit the amount of time the coffee is in contact with your teeth. One way to do this is to use a straw to drink your coffee. Another way to limit the exposure of your teeth is to follow a sip of coffee with a sip of water. Water can wash clean your teeth, and reduce the staining power of coffee.

3. Reduce the Caffeine Level

Because the caffeine in coffee is linked to the level of polyphenols (the staining acids), drinking coffee with a lesser caffeine content may be less likely to stain your teeth. Your brewing method also matters: cold brew and percolators are less likely to stain.

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Even if you can’t imagine changing your coffee habits, there are other ways to protect your teeth from coffee stains. A good oral hygiene routine can make a big difference, so don’t forget to brush your teeth twice daily and floss every day. To ask our team any questions about stains on your teeth or to schedule an appointment, call us today!

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